Stylin’ Dogs of Instagram

If you know about Instagram, and love dogs, you can’t NOT know about the red hot love affair between the two. Instagram (or just Insta if you’re really cool) is pictures and dogs are adorable – combine the two and you’ve got a never ending supply of awesome pictures of awesome dogs to ooohhh and aaahhh and awww over as long as you like. Dogs and Insta go together like coffee and, well, everything. If you’ve never checked out #dogsofinstagram I strongly urge you to do so. But don’t wander too far, it’s easy to get lost there and I have some of the best dressed pups to get you started listed right here. If you dress your dog, you’ll find no shortage of inspiration on these pages.

Menswear Dog
Bodhi, dubbed The Most Stylish Dog In The World, is a Shiba Inu with not only his own Insta account but also Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and with a book and a calendar to his name. Bodhi has an unparalleled sense of style and rocks a suit like nobody’s business. This is a pooch with panache, sophisticated and stylish, who obviously doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of him. He wears just about anything better than you or I ever will, so don’t even try.

Agador is a Maltipoo with Bob Ross hair who gives the stylish Bodhi a run for his money. Agador is proof that girls DO make passes at dudes who wear glasses. (Go look, you’ll see why.) Behind the playboy shades is a boy who loves to play. Agador puts the fuzzy in warm and fuzzy.

Little Freddie Tinkles
Agador’s little bro Fred is the fun-loving, scampish type who tries hard to be as calm, cool, and collected as his big brother in front of the cameras but sometimes breaks out in a grin that says “if you so much as move the wrong way I will consider that an invitation to play!” Ah, Freddie – you can dress him up but you can’t stop him from playing!

Toby LittleDude
Toby is a hip Maltese from Vancouver with a penchant for babe chasing and all variety of headgear. Even without the professorial glasses he sees you gazing adoringly at him … and he likes it. Toby is a senior at 13 but you would never know it. If sheer cuteness leads to longevity, Toby will still be an Insta-star a decade from now.

The Punny Pooches
This duo consists of Scout “The Witty Westie,” and Waffles “The Dapper Yorkie,” Scout’s adopted brother. At age 12, Scout is an Instagram veteran while Waffles is still a newbie at only 1 year old. Waffles is learning the ropes fast, on the way to being an Insta-star like his older sister, acing the talents of fashion, travel, partying, a lot of dapper-ness, and a whole lot of omg-he’s-so-cute! Cuteness aside, this pair will keep you laughing for hours with their puns.

Maya On The Move
Maya is a super chill French bulldog who’s not afraid to push the fashion boundaries with accessories like a pizza balloon, a hot dog ensemble, or a pink wig. She has a not-so-secret thing for Ryan Gosling.

Sebastian Loves Luna
A devoted couple, Sebastian is a debonair French bulldog and Luna is a white Pomeranian, living the good life in New York City. Sebastian and Luna were recently married (4-6-18) and you HAVE to check out the wedding pictures. They are too much! Stop by and say hello to the newlyweds and wish Sebastian and Luna a long and happy life together.

Tallulah Haute Dog
Tallulah is a Pekingese princess and fashionista who effortlessly gives anyone from runway models to the Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Markle) a run for their money. From pearls to PJs Tallulah hits it out of the park every time.

Samson The Dood
Samson is a laid back, fun-loving, Goldendoodle who hails from Canada and is now killin’ it in New York City. As comfortable in a tuxedo as a bathrobe, Samson loves fine dining, the New York Mets, travel, and sleeping in whenever possible.

Robbin The Pom
Robbin is a petite Pomeranian with alopecia who dresses not only for fashion but for protection from the sun. Stylish AND practical! This young man is currently unattached so ladies, get busy!

These are only a very few of the many well-dressed dogs on Instagram who will quickly earn a place in your heart and keep you coming back for more. If you know of others, please share in the comment section. I’d love to check them out!

4 thoughts on “Stylin’ Dogs of Instagram”

  1. What a fun group of Instadogs! Instagram is crazy popular for dogs! Miss Maui is just getting her paw in the door on Instagram but we’re hoping she can grow a following 🙂

    • They are crazy adorable, aren’t they?! And some of their comments crack me up. I wonder if they get some help from their people? Miss Maui could don the odd bandana now and then, just for a photo – that would qualify as dressing up I think.

  2. This is so nice,left me feeling happy and i was able to relate with Robbin because i too I have alopecia and i know exactly what comes with it, I also wear cap not because i want but my Alopecia,if currently unattached , am gonna get busy! This si so nice !

    • Hi Mercy – that’s so nice to hear, that you could actually relate to something here and make you feel happy – that makes ME happy too! 🙂 Thank you!

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